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Make your memberships and

Deliver more value to your customers than ever before by
enabling them to resell their unused visits for cash back

Acquire more clients

Convert more prospects with a new and unique value proposition

Grow your revenue

Earn a cut every time your client sells their membership day or class

Retain clients longer

Provide value and flexibility to your clients and retain them for longer

Acquire more clients

Convert more prospects with a new and unique value proposition

How SplitPass Works

More revenue per client
More memberships & packages sold
Increase in client retention

How SplitPass Works

Join thousands of businesses growing with SplitPass

Our customers

Eliminate Late Cancels

If your member wants to cancel after the deadline has passed, they can list their spot on SplitPass. When someone buys it, they get paid, we swap the buyer in, and you don't have to worry about filling the spot.

Fully Integrated

SplitPass is fully integrated with your existing system. Everything is automated in the background so there's no extra work for you. Once it's activated, you're good to go.

Works with packages, memberships and personal training sessions

SplitPass is compatible with all product types. As long as your customers have either a membership, class package, or personal training session, SplitPass is fully automated.

Maintain control over your business

SplitPass is not a booking platform. It's a tool that enables you to convert and retain more clients by increasing the value of your product. Grow your business in a healthy and sustainable way without using an aggregator.

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